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JL Wrangler Switchback Turn Signal Kit w Resistors Diode Dynamics

$ 80.00

Switchback. These aren't your average turn signal bulbs- they're Switchback! On the Jeep JL Wrangler, they will illuminate in a bright white color, then switch to intense amber when the turn signals are activated. The result is a modern dual-color effect! This is one of the best ways to easily add styling to the JL.

Brightness. All Diode Dynamics LED lighting is rated with accurate, measured lumen figures, not calculations or guesses. We test the true output in-house, and provide you the real numbers to compare.

Colors that match. Most of us have seen lighting setups with random shades of white that don't quite match. At Diode Dynamics, we operate an integrating sphere, which is a piece of lab equipment used to analyze exact color spectrum of the LED bulbs we produce. By testing each batch of products, we can ensure that all bulbs will match in color, to avoid various tints of white. These bulbs will match any other upgrades you may have from Diode Dynamics, for factory-style uniformity and a clean appearance.

Reduced Load. When it comes to LED upgrades, you'd think the lower power draw would be a great feature! However, the Wrangler Sport and Sport-S looks for a specific power draw from the turn signals. LEDs will make the vehicle think a bulb has gone out, due to lower power draw. This causes a hyperblink, or fast-blinking turn signal. This can be corrected with the included LED Resistors.

Reliability. Diode Dynamics LEDs are built with constant-current inductive circuitry, along with transient suppression. They are tested by our engineering team with a device that replicates years of voltage spikes, like the ones generated each time the alternator starts and stops on your Jeep. This is what kills most LED bulbs over time, but just like factory components, Diode Dynamics LEDs are designed with built-in circuit protection. While more expensive than simple bulbs, this allows Diode Dynamics LEDs to last for years, with no flickering or failure.

Experience. After over a decade in business, Diode Dynamics is one of the most trusted names in automotive LED lighting. We directly manufacture and engineer our own products in the United States, allowing for higher quality and performance, with the newest and brightest LED technology. Whether it's a Jeep or anything else, we pride ourselves in offering only the best possible LED solutions.

  • White running light with bright amber turn function
  • Direct replacement for Jeep JL Wrangler front turn 7443 size bulbs
  • Includes resistors to prevent hyperblinking
  • Greater output than factory bulbs
  • Fully aluminum construction
  • Bright white output, with amber switchback function
  • High-power Samsung LEDs arranged around bulb
  • Nonpolar, works in either direction when installed

What's Included In the Box:

  • Two (2) 7443 HP24 Switchback LED Bulbs
  • Two (2) resistors to prevent hyperblinking
  • Four (4) quick-splice scotch-lock connectors
  • Quantity: Two (2)
  • Warranty: 3 year warranty
  • Return Policy: 30-day Return with no restocking fee
  • 100 percent Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Standard fender lights only (not for factory LED)
  • Bulb Size: 7443
  • Application: Front Turn Signal
  • Make: Jeep
  • Model: Wrangler Sport and Sport-S
  • Years: 2018, 2019
  • Electrical Compatibility: Requires hyperblink fix (resistors or flasher)
  • Flasher Setup: BCM Controlled (resistor only)
  • DRL Function: Operates at full brightness for DRL


  • Operating Voltage: 9-16V
  • Operating Temperature: No
  • Connector(s): OEM-Size Plug and Play