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GTSPEC 08+ Evo X Rear Type-D Strut Tower Brace

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GTSPEC Strut Tower Bar: Strut Tower Braces improve chassis rigidity and reduce flex that strut towers experience during hard cornering. GTSPEC strut tower braces are made with 6061 aluminum, featuring a unique CNC cut connetor. By using the CNC cut connector to attach the center shaft to end plate, the result is more rigidity and able to absorb more force during turns. When taking a turn a car’s strut towers normally flex, resulting in body flex and some traction loss. GTSPEC strut tower bars are designed to keep your strut towers from flexing and distribute the pressure applied to one strut tower when taking a turn to both towers instead of just one. This keeps the wheels in position. By keeping the wheel in position, the car are more predictable and overall improve the responsiveness of the vehicle.

Available Version:

* Type D - Wide Center Shaft
* Type F - Flat Center shaft
* Type R - Round center shaft
* Type C - Dry carbon fiber center shaft
* Type Ti -Titanium center shaft with steel side plate
* Type FT -Full Titanium including side plate.