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cp-e xFlex Rear Motor Mount Stage 2 - Ford Focus RS 2016+

$ 314.24

The latest highly anticipated AWD sport compact has just hit the US markets, which means that manufacturers are wasting no time making go fast parts for this platform. With that said, the factory motor mounts will be pressed to their limits, and cp-e has delivered a solution with their Stage 2 Rear Motor Mount. This particular motor mount has been carefully designed to work around the layout of the motor to design a direct replacement motor mount that will surely harness the engine, and prevent excessive forward and backward movement.

This motor mount has been constructed of Billet CNC construction that features a 65 Durometer bushing that will absorb road vibration and harshness under acceleration. Additionally, this motor mount has been powder-coated in a black finish to provide extra protection against rust and corrosion. Stainless steel hardware will be included to make this motor mount ready for installation.