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RTX PowertraxPRO MX Tonneau Cover

$ 2,949.99

  • Matte Black Finish
  • Aluminum Material
  • Uses Retractable Design
  • Precise Fit for 5ft bed 2019 Rangers
  • No Drilling or Cutting Needed

Powered Tonneau Cover with Extremely Strong Design

The PowertraxPRO XR kit from Retrax may be up there in price range, but it's quality, toughness, and easy operation are unbeatable by any of its tonneau cover competition. The PowertraxPRO XR system takes everything that was great about the RetraxPRO XR tonneau cover and adds in a powered motor controlled by a remote FOB that makes it effortless to access your 2019 Ranger's bed while keeping out the weather, animals, and anyone who may want to steal your stuff. The PowertraxPRO XR is one of the most durable covers on the planet and has an all-aluminum construction that allows you to throw on over 500 pounds of gear right on top of it. An electromagnetic brake allows you to use the wireless key fob to lock the cover in any position along the rail for convenience and ease when hauling, or trying to gain access, to gear in your truck bed. This cover also includes a Trax Rail System for even more cargo capability! Most T-slot rack accessories, sold separately, from Rhino Rack, Yakima, Thule and more will fit right in!

Quiet, Reliable, and Maintenance-Free

Just like it's unpowered cousins, the PowertraxPRO XR comes standard with a unique track and rail design that keeps wear down to an almost nonexistent level and makes the tonneau cover last for as long as you own your truck. The rail system uses a series of sealed ball bearings that make for an extremely quiet and smooth operation, unlike the competition's spring-loaded tension designs. The cover itself is made out of industrial strength aluminum with a climate and UV resistant coating that makes it almost impervious to the elements. The kit is maintenance-free and comes backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Easy Installation and Operation

Each of these PowertraxPRO XR Ranger tonneau covers are operated by an easy to use remote. The cover comes with a electromagnetic brake system that allows it to be locked securely into position anywhere along its rails to keep your cargo safe and secure while allowing for the fitment of oversized items. The PowertraxPRO XR easily installs with clamps along your truck's bed and comes with firm seal that prevents moisture from entering your bed.

Fitment: 2019 Ranger w/ 5 ft. Bed. A 6 ft bed version is also available.

This listing is a pre-order and shows images of PowertraxPRO XR Tonneau Covers fitted to other vehicles.