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  • Direct fit for the 2016–2018 Ford Focus RS
  • 80% increase in core size
  • 36% increase in internal core volume and 214% increase in external fin surface area
  • 46% and 45% less pressure drop than stock cold–side and hot–side pipe, respectively
  • 31% and 40% increase in internal volume compared to stock cold–side and hot–side pipe, respectively
  • Designed to not block off cooling to the PTU
  • 7 whp and 8 wtq bolt-on power increase with stock tune
  • Intercooler Available in Sleek Silver or Stealth Black
  • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

Say hello to our performance intercooler kit for the 2016–2018 Ford Focus RS! Whether you are a track junkie, occasionally taking your RS for some spirited driving, or making your RS a car to steal the show, this intercooler will suit your needs. Our intercooler has been beefed up with a 36% increase in core volume and a 214% increase in external fin surface area, which means increased air-cooling efficiency for your RS. Our core reduces air outlet temperature by almost 40% while minimizing the inlet/outlet pressure drop across the core, and provides gains of 7hp and 8ft-lbs! The hefty, direct-fit, bar-and-plate core is durable enough to withstand any type of abuse you throw at it while improving the heat transfer process both at idle and cruising speeds.

This kit also includes the Mishimoto performance intercooler piping kit to further improve the flow of charged air through your 2.3L EcoBoost. The piping kit replaces the stock hot-side pipe with our custom design, which not only features a 40% increase in internal volume but also is specifically shaped to direct airflow over the stock PTU cooler. Our cold-side pipe features 5-layers of wire-reinforced silicone, with a larger diameter to increase the flow of charged air, and extend the life span of your turbocharging system.

The Performance Intercooler Kit is available with either a silver or black core, and with all of our products, is covered under the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty to keep you pushing the limits in your RS for a lifetime.