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Massive Rear Shock Tower Brace for 2012+ Focus

$ 199.70

Massive drew upon their experience over the last 14 years to create a superior rear shock tower brace for the 2012+ Global Focus platform!

Stiffen up the chassis offering improved handling, and more repeatable, consistent driver feel.  

Our unique bar employs well known fabricator tech to bring your Focus’ chassis in check! Massive Competition Series Rear Stress Bars are meant for more than just beauty – they feature HUGE 1.5 Inch .120-” wall steel roll bar tubing with 1/8” thick heavy duty dual mount flanges for the ultimate in strength. This is far more robust than our competitors, hence the “competition” name.

Simple install in less than 2 hours with basic hand tools and a drill. Quality made in the USA. Comes with premium thickness powder coating for long lasting service in your choice of colors! Vinyl Massive logo so people will know you use the best!!!

Why it's better:
  • This design picks up the actual shock mounts - where the transfer of energy is greatest.  And we dont affix the bar to this critical point with spindly little "stand offs".  We employ a solid billet aluminum block to transmit all of the shock mount's area into the flat steel bracket.  
  • Some designs do offer triangulation as we have utilized here.  However, they forego the critical shock mount attachment.  Additionally, our triangulated bracket is mated to the shock mount and the solid 2 layer steel near the top of the vertical area, not the paper thin wheel well area, so strength is maximized.  
  • No drill installation optional