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Air Lift Performance 06-11 BMW 3 Series E9X / 04-14 BMW 1 Series E8X Performance Front Kit

$ 938.99

 06-11 BMW 3 Series E9X / 04-14 BMW 1 Series E8X Performance Front Kit

When you purchase a BMW; you expect the ultimate automotive experience. The BMW E8X/E9X gives you all of that, but Air Lift Performance knew that something had to be done about the wheel gap. Our engineers started on the BMW by adding exactly what our air suspensions are famous for – providing you with the maximum drop without sacrificing performance. With the ability to air out 4.84in. from stock in the front; it will be impossible to go unnoticed. But that superior drop was not enough for Air Lift Performance. Our kits are also about achieving the versatility that the common Coilover cannot achieve – eliminating classic lowered-car problems with the touch of a button. We pride ourselves on making sure that every kit we build not only rides great but handles the curves like a fine sports sedan should. In front; the BMW E8X/E9X kit features our compact; double-bellow air springs over monotube; threaded-body struts; which provide a comfortable ride and great body support during cornering or braking. With 30 levels of damping adjustability; the struts allow for a huge range of customization; with the ability to go from super soft to racecar stiff. The struts are then topped off with adjustable camber plates that use high-quality spherical bearings for precise steering feel and superior damper actuation. These plates allow you to dial in up to three degrees of negative camber for that perfect wheel fitment or optimized handling. Now featuring our NEW pass-through lower mount damper design; the damper can be threaded completely through the supplied upper mount; providing increased suspension travel and further drop capabilities. By reducing the damper body; ALP engineers were able to design a longer damper; which improves the total stroke; all without sacrificing your drop height. How slammed your BMW can be is now no longer limited by the damper assembly! As the leader in air suspension products for more than 65 years; Air Lift Company and its Performance division