Thermal R&D Focus ST Exhaust System

$ 743.56

Sub-compact enthusiasts agree … the Ford Focus ST has all the bells and whistles. Its turbocharged 2.0 liter four cylinder engine and six speed manual transmission make this car a must-have in the Thermal R&D exhaust line. Having become a household name in the sub-compact market, we knew we had to pull out all the stops for a car that is worthy of next level exhaust engineering.

Starting with performance, a true 3” diameter exhaust made the most sense. Thermal R&D began at the downpipe, realizing the enthusiast would one day require the full turbo-back kit. After including a resonator in the mid-pipe, we added an external Helmholtz resonator to cancel specific frequencies – namely drone at cruising speeds. We rounded out the system with a unique tip that fit the OEM valance perfectly and completed an exhaust package that any owner would be proud to showcase!