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Tanabe Medallion Concept G Catback Exhaust 03-06 350Z

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION-***Discontinued***

Tanabe T80063 - Tanabe Medalion Concept G Cat-Back Exhaust System, Nissan 350Z; 2003-2008.

CONCEPT G is an all new motorsports-developed exhaust system that features high power benefits, while retaining responsive sound levels.

Using the all new Tanabe continuous strand ADVANTEX packing material technology, CONCEPT G achieves extremely high levels of exhaust system efficiency, while maintaining a street drivable, extremely clean sound output that is under 93db.

The full SUS304 stainless steel CONCEPT G is designed for optional pipe routing as well as ground clearance. The sporty appearance and angle-cut tip of this Tanabe cat-back exhaust are ideal for the sports car and sport compact driver.

Tanabe Medalion Concept G Exhaust Systems Feature:

  • Advantex Performance Exhaust Technology: Advantex is a highly advanced muffler packing material that greatly excels over other packing material types.
  • Special Piping Construction:A specialized 1.2mm thick piping for reduced weight. This specially engineered piping was developed to reduce weight and remain durable for extended usage. The SUS304 piping also plays a role in sound output, as it reduces resonation and helps Tanabe systems produce their trademark low deep tone.
  • Straightest Form, Mandrel Bent: Minimizing bends is a goal of each custom-built Tanabe exhaust system. The truest form is realized to minimize restrictions and maximize power. Only when necessary, the piping is mandrel bent for improved exhaust flow.
  • Streetable System 93db Compliant, Quality Sound: Tanabe exhaust systems are well known to have one of the most unique exhaust notes. A trademark of the Tanabe exhaust system is the extremely clean, low, deep tone that is both pleasant and aggressive at all RPM ranges. Designed for motorsports, this exhaust system is also fully streetable and is built to be under 93db when used and installed as a factory replacement exhaust.
  • Constructed of SUS304 Stainless Steel: The highest grade SUS304 stainless is used on all systems for maximum durability, as well as light weightiness.
  • Weight Reduction: Hollow Exhaust Hangers are used because every bit of weight savings is beneficial. Further weight reduction is achieved and utilized through the pressed exhaust flanges on the exhaust system.

Tanabe exhaust systems are some of the finest quality exhausts in the world. Race developed and manufactured under extremely high quality standards, they excel in all categories. Performance, quality, and sound are carefully developed in each system and vehicle application. The special care we take in developing and constructing our exhausts results in the legendary ultra low deep tones that are pleasing at all rpm ranges.

Tanabe exhaust systems are built for all forms of motoring. With an extensive history in developing exhaust systems for race applications in conjunction with feedback from Japan's top race teams, Tanabe exhaust systems achieve a perfect combination of a lightweight free-flowing straight-through design for maximum performance and durability. Constructed entirely of SUS304 stainless steel with the exception of the Ultra Medalion titanium cat-back exhaust system, Tanabe exhaust systems weigh significantly less than factory installed stock exhaust systems by up to ~ 40%. SUS304 stainless steel construction results in the utilization of less material mass over mild steel, producing an exhaust that is lighter, stronger, and resistant to the elements.