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Precision Raceworks Port Injection Kit - Focus ST/RS

$ 949.99

The Precision Raceworks 2.0 EcoBoost Port Injection kit is a necessity to safely and sufficiently support the power levels of anyone needing additional fueling. This kit is capable of providing supplemental fueling to all vehicles equipped with Ford EcoBoost 2.0L or 2.3L engines (see fitment guide for full details).

The complete kit integrates seamlessly into your car like it left from the factory with it installed! This kit includes everything needed to add multi-port injection and is 100% e85 compliant. We include new genuine Bosch Motorsport injectors which are flow matched both static and dynamic by an outside lab to industry leading requirements. A detailed certificate of conformance and genuine Bosch product certificate is included with each kit giving you all flow data needed for optimal tuning.

Don’t be tricked into thinking all port injection kits are equal, the Precision Raceworks Port Inject Kit fires all 4 injectors directly into the intake valves for even fuel distribution and ideal fuel atomization across all cylinders. Additionally this kit is offered with a variety of injector options from 750cc* to 950cc* or without any injectors! 

*750cc injectors standard (this flow rate is based on industry injector flow test pressure of 43.5psi) at 72psi these injectors flow 1000cc. What this means is our kit is capable of supporting builds from 400whp up to 600whp out of the box.  Need more, go with our 950cc option!

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(Aftermarket charge pipe may be required)