Panda Motorworks Spec'D 2.0 Ecoboost Long Block

Panda Motorworks

  • $ 5,999.99

Panda Motorworks has taken the best engine components and made the perfect setup for your Focus ST!


Panda set out testing different setups months ago and collecting data in the process. From the data we have finally found what we believe is the best setup while maintaining cost and versatility in mind. 


The Panda Motorworks Spec'D 2.0 Ecoboost Engine comes as a complete long block with the following Items:

-Manley Extreme Duty Pistons 88MM

-Manley H/I Beam Rods 

-FreekTune H11 Headstuds 

-ARP Main Studs 

-King Main & Rod Bearings 

-OEM Gasket Set 

-New OEM Timing Components 

-New OEM Oil Pump 

-Massive Bsd & Windage Tray

-Massive Keyed Crank & Timing Sprocket

-Piper V3 Cam Shafts 

-Panda Motorworks Spec'd Valve Springs 

-Panda Motorworks Port/Extrude Hone Head Package Increasing Flow 10-15%

-Panda Motorworks Proprietary 5-angle valve job

Our engines are sent to a race machine shop that has been in business for over 35years for machining stages. Machine work included valve job, hone with torque plate, head assembled to spec.

Our engines are fully blueprinted and assembled by trained technicians in our engine assembly room. All manufacturer torque specs are followed during assembly. 

The Panda Motorworks Spec'D Motor is currently in the 2nd fastest Focus ST in the world.

The Panda Motorworks Spec'D Motor is currently in the stock fuel system record car! A WHOOPING 466WHP!

Our Tuning and Engine testing is not only done on the track but off the track! Whether it's a monster street car or dedicated race car our products will withstand the abuse you throw at it! 

If you select yes under chore charge we will use one of our good cores to get your build off thr ground! Core Charge is refundable once a good core is returned within 90days. Simply select no if you would like us to complete your build with your own engine! 

All PandaBuilt Engines include a standard Break-In Warranty. Break-In Warranty is covered for Three (3) months or Fifteen-Hundred (1500) miles, whichever comes first. 

PandaBuilt Extended Warranty Available For Purchase! 



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