Panda Motorworks Pre Gapped NGK 1 Step Colder Spark Plugs
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Panda Motorworks Pre Gapped NGK 1 Step Colder Spark Plugs

$ 45.00

Do you want to squeeze every last drop of performance out of your car and do so with added efficiency and safety? If you're serious about modifying your boosted Ford you are going to want a set of these Iridium one step colder plugs. Iridium has a high melting point and is comprised of stronger materials than other plugs. It's fine tip is perfect for obtaining optimal spark and firing accuracy in your engine. Benefits of these plugs can include high horsepower tolerance for your engine, increased anti-fouling properties, potential for greater fuel efficiency, and longevity. These NGK plugs are an affordable option and great addition to the overall power package. Order your set today!

A Panda Certified tech will use our professional gapping tool and gap the spark plugs before shipping to make a hassle free install when you receive them!

**We recommend the gaps below**

Stock turbo cars .026

Big turbo cars .024

Big turbo over 30 psi in most cases we recommend our Brisk Plugs by power level for your setup. 

Priced per set of 4 spark plugs

***Torque to 133 inch lbs***