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OEM Performance Spark Plugs (RS7) - Set Of Four

$ 68.15

Product Details

Poor idle, low fuel efficiency, and engine misfire codes are all symptoms of worn spark plugs. Replace yours with quality parts from an original equipment supplier to get your engine running as well as possible. These plugs are the solution for all of these problems. Over the years, the electrode wears away on spark plugs, causing too large of a gap and weak spark. Additionally, excess carbon can build up and bridge the gap to negatively effect performance. Replace yours with these factory like units to regain your power, fuel efficiency, and smooth a poor idle.

Specifically for modified engines with bolt-ons and ECU software upgrades for VW/Audi 1.8T/2.0T Gen3 applications. These plugs are one heat range colder than OE, this helps prevent pre-ignition and other misfiring issues that may be caused by the increased level of fuel/compression in modified engines.


**Generic spark plug photo not photo of actual plug**