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Mountune High Pressure Oil Pump Ford EcoBoost 2.0L/2.3L

$ 225.00

Developed and validated on the track and our exclusive oil pump test dyno, the Mountune High Pressure Oil Pump has been engineered to increase oil pressure by up to 15%, ensuring improved oil supply to critical engine components.

The Mountune Blueprinted High Pressure Oil Pump for 2.0L and 2.3L Ford EcoBoost engine is designed for high performance and track use. High Performance and Race engines typically require additional oil pressure and flow because of the increased demand placed upon various components within the engine. Additionally, oil pressure can gradually drop off as oil temperatures increase during sustained track and continued high rpm use.

The Mountune High Pressure Oil Pump starts life as a genuine Ford oil pump and is upgraded by our technicians in house for increased oil pressure, helping to ensure improved lubrication preventing engine bearing damage and engine failure due to sustained high RPM operation. Pressure may be increased by up to 15% via it’s configurable shim feature, and is factory set by our technicians at a recommended 10% over stock. This can be adjusted if required but we have determined this pressure setting to be ideal in most cases. Suggested applications include drag, track day and race use or any high performance engine build.

Starting with a new genuine Ford oil pump, we disassemble and inspect the components to ensure the base parts are within specification. Then each inner and outer pump rotor set receives WPC surface treatment to improve surface finish allowing the pump to operate more efficiently. Each pump housing is machined to receive our adjustable Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) assembly. We then “blueprint” the housing components to ensure smooth and efficient oil flow. Our technicians then assemble the components and pre-shim the PRV adjustment to specification.

  • Track and Dyno tested and validated
  • Adjustable pressure
  • WPC Treated pump rotor set