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Esslinger Stage 2 2.3L Ecoboost VCT Camshafts

$ 949.99

Performance Camshafts for the Ford 2.3L Ecoboost engines using the OEM VCT (variable cam timing) function.

Ecoboost Performance Camshafts

Update (3/3/2017): Esslinger Ecoboost cams were used by Bill Putnam/ Team UPR in their 2015 Mustang to set the World Record 1/4mi. elapsed time for ALL Ecoboost vehicles with a 9.467@144.46mph.


We sell two different styles of cam for use in engines that maintain the use of your variable cam timing (VCT).  The Stage 3 cams require an upgraded valvespring kit with shorter valvestem seals to clear the extra lift, and the Stage 2 cams are designed to work with the OEM Ford valve stem seals. 


Esslinger Stage 2 EB Cams           Esslinger Stage 3 EB Cams 

Intake: .346", 216dur @ .050"                Intake: .438" lift, 226dur@.050"

Exhaust: .345", 209dur @ .050"              Exhaust: .405" lift, 218dur@.050"


Stock 2.3L Mustang & Focus RS Ecoboost Cam Specs:

Intake: .327" lift, 197 duration @ .050"

Exhaust: .293" lift, 187 duration @ 050"


Ford Racing 2.3L Ecoboost Cams:

Intake: .354" lift, 206 duration @ 050"

Exhaust: .306" lift, 203 duration @ .050" 


Both our Stage 2 & Stage 3 exhaust cams come with a 4-lobe High Pressure Fuel Pump drive, not the 3-lobe set-up that a 2.0L Ecoboost uses from the factory.  Also, you can rest easy that we verify that the trigger wheel teeth for the cam sensors are in their OEM location on every cam we sell! 

***Our cams are made in the USA, in small batches so we can control the quality.  Sometimes the small quantities causes us to run out of stock before we get new batches finished.  Lead time can vary from 24hrs if we have them in stock, to 4 weeks if they have to be ordered.  If you are in a hurry, please e-mail or call the office @ (909) 539-0544 ext 3 for current availability and lead time.  These cams are NOT CARB-legal for use on pollution controlled vehicles!