cp-e Downpipe QKspl Catted High-Flow Stainless Steel 3" Focus RS 2016+

$ 669.99

Matching the stock turbo, our Focus RS Catted Downpipe includes a laser cut stainless steel flange for easy installation and stock compatibility. Premium American made “bright annealed” 304 stainless steel is the source of our downpipe’s strength. Then we mandrel bend the pipe throughout for less turbulent exhaust flow. We have included three O2 bungs to accommodate the two stock O2 sensors, and to give the ability to easily add a wideband sensor.

- More than 5% gains in upper RPMs
- No power loss in lower RPMs
- Laser Cut Stainless Steel Turbo Flange
- Extra O2 bung for adding a wideband sensor
- Laser cut stainless steel bracket
- Industry-leading stainless steel flex joint
- Full 3.00” mandrel bent 304 stainless steel
- Made in the U.S.A.
- LIFETIME Warranty

We offer an optional high flowing catalytic converter that features a metallic monolithic honeycomb catalyst designed for maximum flow and surface area. For those that opt-out of the high flowing cat, the off-road downpipe will include a cp-eTM Smart O2 Simulator to help eliminate the unwanted check engine light.

Also helping to accommodate the stock mounting, cp-eTM has designed this downpipe to use the stock downpipe support mount. Finally a laser cut stainless steel bracket welded onto each downpipe accomplishes a perfect fit.