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Callies Performance Lightweight 2.3 EcoBoost Crank W/Gear

$ 1,850.00

  • Factory Modified 2.3L EcoBoost Crankshafts

    Each Quick Comp RS 2.3 crank receives the following painstaking processing:

    • Cryogenic thermal stress relieving
    • Careful removal of balancer gear and balancer gear hub diameter
    • Comprehensive Profile-Lite milling of all rod journal arms and main bearing heals
    • All highly refined finished surfaces – rods, mains, post, flg are maintained to OEM specifications.
    • Callies Impervious Masking guarantees all Quick Comp shafts to ship with Ford correct dimensions
    • Shot peening of entire gray area crankshaft for the development of beneficial compressive stress
    • Aeroshed finishing for the complete removal of all stress risers
    • Crankshaft timing pad on #1 counterweight is untouched for accurate assembly
    • Overall weight reduction of 9 lbs from stock.
    • Dynamically balanced to within .5 gram inch
    • Carefully inspected for straightness
    • Packaged in corrosion resistant packing material for extended shelf life