AMS Performance Turbo Muffler Delete

$ 96.95

The AMS Engineering team utilized Solidworks© to blueprint the smooth features and geometry to optimize flow through the shaft. They then 3D printed the TMD to ensure an OEM level of fitment before CNC’ing the very first billet article. The AMS Turbo Muffler Delete upgrade lets you hear all the great sounds coming from your Turbo. 

The AMS Turbo Muffler Delete features an extremely wide mouth that matches the exact shape and size of the turbine outlet. This increases overall turbine efficiency and performance by letting the air flow out smoothly into the charge piping. The long smooth shaft allows the air to maintain velocity without a buildup of back pressure inside of the TMD.


  • Superior CNC Billet Machining
  • Solidworks© Designed for Ultimate Performance
  • Drastically Increased Air Flow
  • 1 piece design makes for easier installation.
  • Removes the Restrictive Factory Turbo Muffler
  • Creates a Smooth, Uninterrupted, Flow Path for Air Leaving the Turbocharger
  • Factory Style Ribbed Surface for Coupler
  • Direct Bolt-on Installation, Requires No Cutting or Drilling
  • Can Be Used on Stock or Modified Vehicles


  • Billet MK7 Golf R Delete
  • 3 Bolts
  • Comprehensive Installation Instructions