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Introducing the Panda Power Module! | 2021 Ford Bronco Tuning Solution

Introducing the Panda Power Module! | 2021 Ford Bronco Tuning Solution

We are excited to introduce our own Bronco Tuning solution, the Panda Power Module! This small, plug n play module packs a huge punch, and should be a performance upgrade that every Bronco owner should consider! Nothing else on the market can provide dyno-proven gains like this, while keeping your factory warranty in tact! The Panda Power Module is easily installed with just a few minutes of your time, and even has its own dedicated app to harness the power within. To help the Panda Power Module maximize your Bronco’s potential, we include a set of pre-gapped 1 step colder spark plugs. If you want to learn more about the benefits of these plugs and how to install them, we previously made a video about the matter. You can check that video out by clicking here.

 We anticipate there being a few questions, so we will answer what we assume will be the most frequently asked questions!


1) Is the “plug n play module” a safe upgrade?

 -In short, YES! Our Plug n Play Module helps boost the performance of Your Bronco by maintaining all OEM failsafes. Since we codeveloped this tuning module, we were able to apply our EcoBoost expertise to make sure that the increased power delivery was safe for the transmission and long-term reliability. Another perk to our plug n play module, is that it will retain your factory warranty! Once uninstalled, this device leaves no trace of ever being installed on your vehicle. So if you need to head on over to the dealership for some warranty work, simply uninstall the device and you are good to go!


2) This isn’t a racecar, why should I get this?

-This device isn’t just for those with the need for speed. Let’s say you just added a new wheel and tire package to your Bronco. You may have noticed that it is a tad more sluggish. This is because the vehicle has to work that much harder to turn the taller tires, resulting in a slower feeling vehicle. The extra HP/TQ that you get from the Panda Power Module will help mitigate that loss and then some! However, If you are looking for a boost in performance to add some zip to everyday driving experience, then you will not be disappointed!  This device is a safe, dyno-proven way to increase the HP/TQ on your Bronco!


3) What kind of gains can I expect?

-You can expect to see gains of ups to 20%! This is a difference that you will be able to feel right away!


If you’re looking for a little more power for your 2.3 or 2.7L Bronco, you should seriously consider this device! We hope that you are all just as excited as we are about this new product! This is the first of many in the Panda Power Module lineup of products! 

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