Battle of the Bluegrass 2019 — Panda Motorworks
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Battle of the Bluegrass 2019

Battle of the Bluegrass 2019

On May 17th, 2019 around 8:00 am we loaded up our trailers and headed south from St. Louis, MO to Louisville, KY. Our voyage across state lines was pretty uneventful, which is definitely a good thing when traveling with a group as large as ours was. Once we arrived at the Hawthorn Suites, the hotel we were staying at for the weekend, we unloaded the trailers and began prepping for the Battle of the Bluegrass the next day.
With all of our cars parked outside, a small sneak peak of whats to come was provided to those passing by. After we were settled, we made a trek to the closest car wash to rid our cars of the dirt and grime from the 300 mile drive done earlier that day. One of the more memorable moments of the day came when Rob (Yellow FR-S, @ninjarob on IG) asked the carwash attendant for an extension cord to dry his car with a leaf blower. Not only was he provided an extension cord, but also two more leaf blowers so that we could dry off his car in record time!
The next morning we were among the first to roll into the Convention Center to prepare for the show. We were there early to help Vaded Mob set up their vendor section. The quality and diversity of the cars that attended this show was incredible. They had everything from stance cars, low riders, tuner cars, muscle cars, lifted trucks, and their was even a slammed Ford Dually. Some of the coolest builds that the Midwest had offer were in attendance, surely making the judge's job that much harder.
Towards the end of the show, everyone in attendance gathered around the stage for the announcement of awards. The best builds of the show were honored with a plaque and a round of applause. The Best of Show award was the last award to be handed out and was given to the owner of the absolutely stunning Chevy Impala Low Rider. The attention to detail on this car is off the charts. Nearly every inch of this car had been touched and improved over stock parts. On a day where low riders stood out, his car was a cut above the rest.
After the show we went out and enjoyed what the city of Louisville had to offer. One thing Louisville didn't lack was beautiful scenery and excellent photo opportunities. So much amazing media content was created that weekend, a lot you can still see floating around to this day nearly a month and a half later.
All in all, we had an amazing weekend! Louisville is an awesome city and we can't wait to go back for Battle of the Bluegrass 2020. That is if we don't make it back sooner.
Shout out to everyone that helped make it such a great weekend!
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Oliver Mueller & Dylan Switcher (@humblephotography_)
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