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2021 Ford Bronco: Adventure is Calling, Panda is Answering

2021 Ford Bronco: Adventure is Calling, Panda is Answering

The year is 2018 and Ford is selling the widely popular Focus ST, Focus RS, and Fiesta ST Hot Hatches. Ford was going head to head with VW for the Hot Hatch crown, and was arguably winning. Later that year Ford shocked the world and announced the death of the Focus and Fiesta lineup in North America, as their successors rolled off of the assembly lines in other various parts of the world. Ford later on announced the discontinuing of the Fusion, leaving the Mustang alone as the only traditional "car" in their lineup. So what gives?

Ford, like many other automakers, decided to regroup and revamp their lineup to cater to a changing market. Gone are the Turbo 4-cylinder Hot Hatches that we know and love in favor of SUVs, trucks, and now EVs. Like many other EcoBoost enthusiasts we were disheartened, but we knew something big was on the horizon. With the success of the F-150 Raptor and years of various off-road concepts, our dream of an EcoBoost powered Bronco started to materialize. As time went on, the idea of seeing a new Ford Bronco on the streets (and Off-Road) seemed a lot closer than previously imagined! Little did we know that we would find ourselves inside of Ford dealership placing an order for our very own 2021 Ford Bronco!

With the Focus ST/RS and Fiesta ST gone, we knew we had to expand into new markets to keep our business on a steady growth trajectory. With the market shifting to Off-Roader's, our passion for EcoBoost's, and the overall excitement surrounding the 2021 Ford Bronco, we knew this was the next logical step. 

With Ford's announcement of the Bronco, they made it clear that a new rivalry with the Jeep Wrangler was imminent. With aftermarket parts manufacturers already on board, and the commitment of offering a large catalog of aftermarket parts set to be available at launch, even the aftermarket is backing this up. We plan on following suit, so pandamotorworks.com will be your go-to place for all your Ford Bronco Aftermarket parts needs! We are very excited for what this platform will bring, here is some insight of what we are most excited for!

Ford Bronco Performance Parts

Since Ford plans on using EcoBoost motors that have been in previous models, this should give manufacturers like Cobb Tuning, Borla, and AFE a head start to get the Performance Parts ball rolling! Cobb Tuning also announced that there will be a full Ford Bronco Tuning Suite through their user-friendly Accessport tuning device. You will be able to have your Ford Bronco Panda Tuned shortly after the release!

Ford Bronco Accessport

Ford Bronco Accessories

We will be offering many accessories to make your Bronco unique and your own! When it comes to Ford Bronco Off Road Lighting, we will be offering an entire line of products from industry leader, Diode Dynamics. We will also offer many other accessories such as bumpers, winches, running boards, and much much more. 


Ford Bronco Wheels and Tires

We currently offer many great wheels from a variety of different brands, including Fuel Wheels, KMC, Black Rhino, Kansei, Fifteen52, Icon, Method, and More! We also have the ability to ship complete wheel and tire packages, mounted, balanced, and ready to go. 

Ford Bronco Lift Kits

If it will lift the Bronco, you'll be able to find it on pandamotorworks.com. We will have a variety of lift kits from a variety of brands available at launch and beyond! Whether you are looking for a modest level or 6" lift, we will have you covered!

The aftermarket for the 2021 Ford Bronco looks very bright and promising, and we are excited to dive head first into it. In the coming months, you should expect a bunch of Bronco related content from us. We will be posting videos to our YouTube channel, regular posts on our Facebook and Instagram, and more blog posts like this one. We are beyond excited to get our bronco, and start this new journey!


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